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An 8-part off-beat Emmy® award winning thriller
Sky Go / Sky Open / Neon

During a second, more deadly wave of Covid 19, reclusive tech-expert Rose is living in a one-woman bubble. Taking tech-support calls for a video chat company and hacking into stranger’s video calls is her only source of human interaction. She barely even talks to her flatmate. 

But when Rose randomly connects with a frightening figure from her past, and something between them clicks, her personal walls come down and she finds trust and intimacy in the most unlikely place. 

Against all her old instincts, Rose takes the plunge into a new relationship and rediscovers the joy of human connection.  

But opening the door to her past has allowed all Rose’s old ghosts inside too and it isn’t long before a whole new kind of virus is spreading, with Rose battling sinister forces inside her own carefully sterilised home. 

Not knowing who to trust or where to turn, Rose will face the awful reality that it might just be safer to go outside!

Made with the support of NZ On Air, INSiDE was created during New Zealand’s Covid19 lockdown. Working with a small budget and a tight timeframe, the creative team had to adapt to making television in a pandemic.

In 2021 alongside several international awards, INSiDE received an International Emmy for Best Short Form Series.

INSiDE stars Morgana O’Reilly (Housebound, Mean Mums), Josh Thomson (Monkey, 7 Days) and Sam Sneddon (Silo’s ‘The Pride’), and is directed by Peter Salmon (After The Party, Wanted, Rake). It’s created by Dan Musgrove (The Creamerie, West Side), Shoshana McCallum (Madam, The Creamerie) and Peter Salmon.

INSiDE was the debut project for Luminous Beast.

If you are in New Zealand you can binge INSiDE on Sky Go or Neon


"I hear your flatmate has boundary issues."

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